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2023 Voice Intelligence & Security Report

Pindrop Labs analyzed its customers’ contact center call and fraud data over a five year period and found a 40% increase in fraud in 2022, and expects this trend to continue in 2023. Fraudsters are attacking the contact centers and consumers with advanced techniques while creating complex execution networks. In 2023, businesses need to reimagine their fraud detection and authentication processes and figure out how to catch fraud more holistically.

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  • Financial institutions are bearing the brunt: In 2022, fraud rates were 1 in 749, which is gradually increasing back to 2019 call levels of 1 in 686 as fraudsters start to return to the contact center.
  • Fraudsters leverage Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA): Fraudsters use data breaches to weaponize KBAs and successfully answer those 40-80% of the time. On the other hand, Pindrop customers who switched from KBAs to multifactor authentication, saved an aggregate of $4M a month.
  • IVR Reconnaissance is a major threat: Fraudsters are hammering the IVR with data acquired from the dark web resulting in 10x more risky activity in the IVR than at the agent leg. Once fraudsters identify a target account, they go after it repeatedly and quickly while sharing the data with other fraudsters. 

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