Pindrop Webinar - How your Contact Center & IVR are being weaponized


How your Contact Center & IVR are being weaponized

When it comes to fraud prevention, following the smallest breadcrumbs can lead to the biggest discoveries. At Pindrop we’ve learned how the IVR is one of those places where the breadcrumbs start. Over 61% of fraud losses originate in the IVR, as fraudsters weaponize it to commit fraud and successfully takeover accounts, with ease.

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Watch part 2 of our VISR webinar series to hear our experts unravel this process and provide a glimpse of what's happening right under your noses in the IVR:

  • There are multiple moving pieces to commit a crime, one fraudster may not be good at all three and thus sell or recruit other fraud groups to assist.
  • The security kill chain - how fraud works from reconnaissance to monetization - our data shows the kill chain can take between 10-60 days to complete, what are your early warning signs that something fraudulent is about to happen?
  • The complex web of fraud activity in the IVR - as seen through the lenses of graph analytics.
  • What can you do to arm yourself and protect against the growing scourge of IVR reconnaissance.

Shawn Hall

VP, Product, Research and Engineering Pindrop

Prior to working with Pindrop, Shawn was the Director of Global Fraud Operations at E*TRADE Clearing for 10 years and has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of financial services and retail operations, with the past 14 years dedicated to authentication, fraud and risk detection, prevention and mitigation at E*TRADE and Pindrop. Shawn has extensive experience related to the development, implementation and modeling of effective online, call center and transactional fraud applications and solutions. He is an active participant in the NCFTA, ACFE and RSA forums.