Webinar - Navigating the Era of Voice Deepfakes: Insights from Pindrop’s CEO

Voice Theft: How Audio Deepfakes Are Compromising Security

Hear from Pindrop's CPO and VP of Product, Research & Engineering as they share their research and insights on how Pindrop Pulse® is leading the battle against deepfake audio deception.

Generative Artificial Intelligence continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, making robust cybersecurity solutions critical for your business's success. Pindrop Pulse® is an actionable product solution designed to help you build back the customer trust that audio deepfakes continue to tear down. Pulse is designed to enhance Pindrop's entire product suite, infusing revolutionary innovation into our existing product capabilities. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of innovation and are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our portfolio - the Audio Deepfake Detection solution, Pindrop® Pulse.

Join Pindrop's CPO, Rahul Sood, and Amit Gupta, VP of Product, Research & Engineering for a unique and informative session that will pull back the veil on the mysteries of audio deepfakes, and how Pulse is built to solve the problems they're creating. 

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In this session, you'll discover:

  • Amit and Rahul's insights on the rise of voice deepfakes and their impact across different industries
  • Actionable strategies to mitigate risks in 2024 and how Pindrop provides protection
  • Recent high-profile deepfake incidents, including the deceptive Biden robocalls

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Amit Gupta

VP, Product, Research & Engineering

Amit is the VP of Product at Pindrop. As a seasoned technology leader, he has a wealth of experience developing and managing enterprise software. In his prior roles at BMC Software and RSA Security, he has managed product portfolios including products around Cloud Security, Automation and Authentication. At Pindrop, he manages the Authentication and Voice security portfolio. He works closely with customers to understand the business needs and drivers for enhanced user authentication and drives research and engineering innovations to provide cutting edge solutions for the same.

Rahul Sood

Chief Product Officer, Pindrop

Rahul is the Chief Product Officer at Pindrop. He is responsible for defining and delivering Pindrop's product vision to secure our customers against the rapidly changing threat environment and to enable them to deliver frictionless authentication experiences for their end-customers. Prior to joining Pindrop, Rahul held senior positions at Palo Alto Networks, Meta, Google, SAP and McKinsey & Co. He has experience building internet-scale, enterprise grade products and establishing new market categories in SaaS and security.