Pindrop Webinar - Why Identity and Security is Key to Successful Digital Transformations


Why Identity & Security is Key to Successful Digital Transformations

Market dynamics have accelerated digital transformation in financial services. Now businesses are focusing on operational efficiency, customer experience and innovation. Join us for a look at how companies are transforming their customer-facing infrastructure to be “digital first” with a clear goal of enhancing customer experience, fostering innovation and reducing costs.

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What Does Digital Transformation Look Like for Contact Centers?



Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why customer authentication is crucial aspect of digital transformation
  • Strategies to leverage self serve channels for better personalization of customer experience
  • How to protect your customer service channels from fraudster attacks



Mark Horne

Chief Marketing Officer, Pindrop

Mark Horne is the Chief Marketing Officer at Pindrop. He is a holistic marketing executive with a proven career record of driving strategic development and operational execution of transformational, customer-centric initiatives that impact and support organizations’ mission and growth objectives. He has led high-performing organizations across the B2B cloud, software, and technology landscape. He has a comprehensive background in creating and spearheading strategies and programs that drive marketing planning strategy, brand awareness, customer demand, and revenue growth. Mark has a B.S. in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University in Boston, an MBA from Georgia State, and is an Executive Scholar at Kellogg School of Management.

Oliwia Berdak

VP, Research Director, Forrester

Oliwia is a vice president and research director in Forrester’s financial services practice. She leads a team of analysts focused on the impact of technology on customer behaviors and expectations and financial firms’ business models. Her personal area of coverage includes digital disruption and digital innovation in financial services, including fintech and insurtech startups. She helps digital leaders respond to these challenges and adapt their companies for the digital age. During her five years with Forrester, she has worked with numerous clients to develop their business and innovation strategies.