The Value of Secure Authentication in a Pandemic State Webinar | Pindrop


Social Engineering Fraudster Tactics Threatening Contact Centers

Hear our guest speaker, Forrester VP and principal analyst Andras Cser, a leading industry expert on identity and access management, security and enterprise fraud management, discuss how the market uses enhanced authentication to better customer relationships, streamlines operating expenses and increases security. Pindrop’s Chris Halascheck will guide you through how products like multifactor authentication provide value to customers today on day 1, as well as improve your organization’s risk posture.

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In this virtual event you will learn:

  • How enterprises can accelerate time to value with proper authentication methodologies in place 
  • How contact centers can position themselves for improved remote agent authentication
  • How to reduce operational costs of authenticating callers 
  • Using passive authentication to increase customer satisfaction 
  • Improve contact center security through risk-based authentication
  • Leverage secure authentication as a tool to increase cross-channel security

In a rapidly changing business landscape of a world dealing with a pandemic, resources are more heavily scrutinized, efficiency becomes paramount and protecting your customers is increasingly important. Contact centers continue to struggle with high call volumes and long wait times, while working towards streamlining working conditions for remote agents. Meanwhile fraudsters are actively gathering data and waiting for the right opportunity to attack your business. A combination of these factors poses a challenge to contact centers. How do you protect your business and consumers while simultaneously reinventing processes to best tackle the pandemic conditions? Secure authentication is the path forward. Using risk analysis as part of your authentication strategy can lead to immense benefits for consumers by avoiding painful enrollment processes and removing interminable ID&V interrogation. For contact centers, secure authentication can play a crucial role in protecting accounts in tandem with fraud detection systems in a cross-channel environment. Finally, streamlined authentication also opens up opportunities for remote agent authentication for improved access. 


Andras Cser

Vice President and Principal Analyst for Security and Risk, Forrester

Andras serves Security & Risk Professionals. He is a leading expert on identity management, access management, user account provisioning, entitlement management, federation, privileged identity management, and role design and management. Andras covers cloud security and enterprise fraud management, which have many synergies with identity and access management when an organization needs to protect against risk and wants to manage fraud appropriately. Andras holds an MBA degree from Technical University of Budapest and Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, and an M.Sc. in computer science and electrical engineering from Technical University of Budapest.

Chris Halaschek

Vice President of Product and Engineering, Pindrop

Chris Halaschek is Vice President of Product at Pindrop and is responsible for overall strategy and execution of the product portfolio. He brings over 15 years of experience building products spanning the security, data analytics and finance domains. Chris holds patents in information management and frequently speaks on voice security and entrepreneurship. Chris additionally earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park with a focus on artificial intelligence.