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The Cost of Fraud in the IVR

For years, companies have been investing to improve their Interactive Voice Response systems to reduce call handle times, increase customer self-service options, and generally enhance their customers’ experiences which have ultimately been very successful. But many are now discovering the unintended consequences of these efforts; making life easier for the bad guys. One of the key sources of data for fraudsters to pull from is an IVR. Fraudsters are mining and using data to attack your customer’s accounts. What if you could use those risky behaviors and activities in the IVR to predict which customer account is at-risk of an attack, weeks or months before they suffer a loss and you suffer a hit to your brand reputation?

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During this webinar, we will explore:

  • What type of  fraud occurs in the IVR
  • Calculate the impacts to the broader organization based on fraud in the IVR
  • Understand how far fraud can reach across the organization and what can be done to stop it. 


Jay Hart

Principal, Solution Engineer Pindrop

Jay has been in the technology industry for over 25 years working in various roles in sales, professional services, and software engineering. His career has spanned multiple industries including banking and finance, hospitality and travel, retail, public utilities, and government. He has spent the last 15 years as a subject matter expert in speech applications, contact center technologies, and security. He has been with Pindrop since 2013, serving in multiple roles within the organization.

Brian St. John

Operations Manager Pindrop

Brian St. John is the Operations Manager responsible for all fraud aspects of Business Intelligence at Pindrop.  His team helps clients operationalize the Pindrop solution to its full potential.  Brian started his fraud journey by cutting his teeth on skimming fraud in the late 1990's and was on the front lines of the first data breach mass compromises in the mid 2000's for Bank of America. Brian joined American Express in 2008 where he spent the next 10 years leading teams to stop internet commerce and reward-based fraud. After 23 years in the fraud prevention world, Brian knows how fraudsters think and act across many verticals.  He brings those skills to the emerging world of the voice economy to help client operationalize the best possible solution to stop fraud in their world.