Pindrop Webinar - The Case for Better Self-Service: Improving customer workflows and preventing fraud around the IVR


The Case for Better Self-Service

Improving customer workflows and preventing fraud around the IVR

As practitioners look to improve efficiency and get maximum value for any call center/IVR investment, its impact on workflows and future technology must be considered: What does the customer journey look like when they need to reach the company? Where is the best place for identity and authentication? What are the most effective ways to help customers self-service without having to speak to a call center agent?

Watch the Webinar

Join Pindrop’s VP of Global Business Intelligence, Shawn Hall, as he talks about:

  • The place and purpose of IVR in the future contact center
  • Goals companies seek from the IVR
  • Obstacles stopping companies from reaching those goals
  • How efficiency goals can be achieved

Shawn Hall

VP, Global Business Intelligence

Shawn Hall is the Vice President, Global Business Intelligence at Pindrop. Prior to working with Pindrop, Shawn was the Director of Global Fraud Operations at E*TRADE Clearing for 10 years and has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of financial services and retail operations, with the past 14 years dedicated to authentication, fraud and risk detection, prevention and mitigation at E*TRADE and Pindrop. Shawn has extensive experience related to the development, implementation and modeling of effective online, call center and transactional fraud applications and solutions. He is an active participant in the NCFTA, ACFE and RSA forums.