Pindrop Webinar - STIR/SHAKEN: How To Maximize The Value For Your Contact Center


STIR/SHAKEN: How To Maximize The Value For Your Contact Center

STIR/SHAKEN is here, but what does that really mean, and is your business ready?

This webinar discusses how to plan and prepare for the widespread deployment of STIR/SHAKEN, account for known/unknown integration or performance limitations and develop a passive, customer-friendly authentication process.

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STIR/SHAKEN and the Contact Center

Using a question-based approach, this webinar will discuss some of the complex considerations surrounding the use of STIR/SHAKEN attestations in the contact center, and suggest questions that your business may want to answer as you:

  • Plan and prepare for widespread deployment
  • Account for known and unknown integration or performance limitations
  • Seek to develop a passive, customer-friendly call authentication process



The STIR/SHAKEN framework allows voice service providers to authenticate that the caller ID information transmitted with a particular call matches the caller’s number. Upon widespread implementation, the hope is that S/S will help reduce illegal spoofing, allow law enforcement to identify bad actors more easily, and help voice service providers identify calls with illegally spoofed caller ID information before those calls reach their subscribers. However, S/S was not designed to be a silver bullet for seamless authentication in the contact center. Indeed, the FCC has encouraged the industry to develop and implement new caller ID authentication technology in addition to the actions taken by the FCC.

Tim Prugar

VP Operations, Next Caller, a PindropⓇ Company

Tim Prugar is the Vice President of Operations at Next Caller, a PindropⓇ Company. In his role, Tim works directly with customers, carriers, and Next Caller engineers to develop and deploy products and services that help build trust and security to the phone channel. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Communication Fraud Control Association, where he serves as that professional organization’s Vice President. Tim was a graduate of Princeton University and currently lives in Connecticut.