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Pindrop Passport Authentication, From Research to Operationalization

An Exclusive Interview with Amit Gupta

Modern authentication technology can deliver massive benefits for your contact center as you face the everyday challenge of ensuring stellar customer service while also tackling unprecedented and most likely permanent changes in the ways we work and live. As a contact center leader, you want to operate at peak efficiency. Still, the outdated tools you may be leveraging, like chronically insecure KBAs, actually increase cost, agitate your customers, and have been proven woefully ineffective. 20% of the time, fraudsters answer dynamic KBAs correctly, and 47% of your consumers are unable to recall their chosen answer to static KBAs.

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Join this session for key takeaways covering:

Pindrop delivers one of the world's most advanced passive multi-factor authentication solutions. Join Pindrop’s Jay Hart for an exclusive interview with Amit Gupta, Head of Authentication Products, to ask questions, get actionable insight, and learn what motivates our team and our unwavering mission. This webinar provides a useful and candid look behind the curtain to explore:

  • The technology of Pindrop Passport and how it addresses new challenges since the necessary global shift to work from home 
  • How our team discovers trends and is solving emerging issues concerning capacity and service times 
  • Exclusive insight into their unique perspectives around the problems you face daily and actionable recommendations to address frequent hiccups and inefficiencies
  • What motivates our product team and what new technologies they are working now

Jay Hart

Principal Sales Engineer at Pindrop

Jay has been in the technology industry for over 25 years working in various roles in sales, professional services, and software engineering. His career has spanned multiple industries including banking and finance, hospitality and travel, retail, public utilities, and government. He has spent the last 15 years as a subject matter expert in speech applications, contact center technologies, and security. He has been with Pindrop since 2013, serving in multiple roles within the organization.

Amit Gupta

Director of Product Management at Pindrop

Amit is the Director of Product Management at Pindrop. As a seasoned technology leader, he has a wealth of experience developing and managing enterprise software. In his prior roles, he has managed product portfolios of Cloud Security and Automation as well as Authentication products. Here at Pindrop, he manages the Authentication and Voice security product portfolio and has established himself as a tremendous customer advocate.