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Measuring Account Risk: A New Dimension in Fighting Fraud

The IVR is a fraudster’s playground. With the right information, these bad actors can collect account balances, change PINs, and cash in reward points.

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What's in the webinar?

Allowing these activities to go unchallenged can allow fraudsters with the exact information they need to bypass traditional security measures like KBAs. By leveraging intelligence from account risk, Pindrop can assess how likely an account is being targeted by organized fraud rings and spot the accounts are under surveillance by fraudsters.
In this webinar, we will explore account risk, what type of insights it can provide around account activity and which are most at risk.

We will explore several effective uses of account risk for fraud prevention including: 

  • Mark and monitor risky accounts for future fraudulent attempts
  • Immediate intervention such as cancel a card or block a transaction
  • Program the IVR now by stopping risky transactions

All of these applications leverage intelligence from account risk to drive better CX, minimizing fraud losses, and improve protection for customer accounts. Join our resident experts Jay Hart and Dave Dalebroux to explore account risk and its best used to fight fraud.

Jay Hart

Principal, Solution Engineer, Pindrop

Jay has been in the technology industry for over 25 years working in various roles in sales, professional services, and software engineering. His career has spanned multiple industries including banking and finance, hospitality and travel, retail, public utilities, and government. He has spent the last 15 years as a subject matter expert in speech applications, contact center technologies, and security. He has been with Pindrop since 2013, serving in multiple roles within the organization.

Dave Dalebroux

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Market Intelligence

6 years at Pindrop as a Sales engineer. Prior to Pindrop, Dave spent 9+ years working with contact centers utilizing speech analytics. Dave has a great deal of experience in working with outsourced contact center agents worldwide with 10+ years experience.