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Journey of a Fraudster

From data collection to transaction, understanding the minds and means of professional fraudsters can help support your contact centre security. Join Dr. Nikolay Gaubitch & Dr. David Looney to learn how to detect fraud anywhere a contact centre is used.

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What's in the webinar?

Follow the journey of a fraudster, starting with data collection right through to the transaction or physical interception. We examine the processes of professional fraudsters and the interplay between the different channels, highlighting how you can better support and improve your contact centre security. Throughout the journey, we will be sharing real fraudster details from a range of verticals and countries.

Dr. Nikolay Gaubitch

Director of Research at Pindrop

Nikolay received a Ph.D. in acoustic signal processing from Imperial College London, spent five years as a member of staff at Imperial College London, managing the Centre for Law Enforcement Audio Research (CLEAR).  A further three years as a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Signal and Information Processing Laboratory (SIPLab) at Delft University of Technology where he worked on ad-hoc microphone arrays for speech enhancement in collaboration with Google.

He is the co-author of more than 50 scientific publications and patents, the co-editor of the book "Speech Dereverberation", and he served as an Associate Editor of the journal IET Signal Processing.

Dr. David Looney

Senior Research Scientist Pindrop

Dr. David Looney has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Dublin, and a Ph.D. in Statistical Signal Processing from Imperial College London. He is a co-author of several patents and more than 50 scientific publications. Dr. Looney specialises in the study of fraud signatures in audio data, as well as tools for modeling audio acoustics and their impact on authentication systems.