Pindrop Webinar - Fraud School: Account Takeover


Fraud School: Account Takeover

There are many different kinds of attackers in the cybercrime ecosystem, and they each carry their own motivations and tactics. Institutions that move and keep our wealth are prone to attacks from professionals working in the underworld.

The most efficient route to all of that cash is the account takeover (ATO). Fraudsters today use a variety of different tactics and methods for either stealing a victim’s credentials or tricking an institution into resetting them, thereby gaining complete control of the victim’s account. This webinar will help you understand how fraudsters work and the first step to stopping them.

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Watch to Learn:

  • Why the call center is a bad actors favorite target
  • How ATO can happen cross channel and through the contact center 
  • How fraudsters collaborate for an ATO
  • Countermeasures against ATOs

Ketuman Sardesai

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Market Intelligence

Ketuman leads market intelligence at Pindrop. He has an extensive background in both early stage and late stage startup companies and has a proven record of helping companies achieve sustainable growth and profitability. His career spans across multiple industries including telecommunications, media, technology and consulting. After getting an MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School at Ann Arbor, he has led several high impact initiatives at various companies including new market entry, product launches, M&A and strategic transformation projects.

Tim Prugar

Technical Advisor, APJ

Tim Prugar is the Technical Advisor, APJ at Pindrop, a leading audio authentication and fraud prevention company. A patent holder in call verification and fraud prevention, Tim sits on the Board of Directors of the Communication Fraud Control Association, and has been a featured speaker at the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) as well as Speechtek. Prior to joining Pindrop, Tim was the VP of Operations and Product Owner at Next Caller, leading the design and implementation of Next Caller's real-time call authentication and fraud detection product lines.