Beat the Bad Guys: Contact Center Security Solutions for Fraud Detection For 2021 and Beyond Webinar | Pindrop


Beat the Bad Guys: Contact Center Security Solutions for Fraud Detection For 2021 and Beyond

36% percent of financial institutions have seen contact center fraud losses rise in 2020.

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Watch This Webinar to Learn:

Explore Evolving Challenges and Solutions in The Fight Against Fraud

Investigate emerging anti-fraud technology developed for the increased complexity of fraud across channels in malicious attacks in a live analyst discussion with Pindrop, featuring Aite Group.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to apply graph analysis for fraud detection, prevention, and prediction in contact centers.
  • How to leverage voice channel security for cross-channel fraud detection.
  • How to provide additional fraud savings above and beyond what is detected by other fraud prevention systems in place.


Shirley Inscoe

Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Shirley Inscoe is a senior analyst on Aite Group’s Fraud & AML practice, covering fraud and data security issues. Ms. Inscoe brings to Aite Group 30 years of banking experience in enterprise fraud and payments issues. She has served as the chair of the BITS Fraud Reduction Steering Committee and the co-chair of Early Warning Services’ Advisory Committee, and has been a member of ABA’s Deposit Account Fraud and Payment Systems Committees.

Mark Horne

Chief Marketing Officer, Pindrop

Mark Horne is the Chief Marketing Officer at Pindrop. He is a holistic marketing executive with a proven career record of driving strategic development and operational execution of transformational, customer-centric initiatives that impact and support organizations’ mission and growth objectives and has led high-performing organizations across the B2B cloud, software, and technology landscape.