AI Predicting Fraud 60 Days before ATO - Pindrop Protect 101 Webinar | Pindrop


AI Predicting Fraud 60 Days before ATO - Pindrop Protect 101

Artificial Intelligence is constantly breaking new ground, learn how Pindrop has harnessed AI and ML to predict accounts that are at-risk for account takeover. Pindrop uses risk across the call, IVR transactions, and account risk to paint a clear picture of fraud across your organization. Pindrop Protect is a leading fraud prevention solution, detecting up to 80% of contact center fraud, and providing 30-60 day lead times for ATO.

Watch the Webinar

Hear how Pindrop can:

  • Detect up to 80% of phone fraud, even on the first attempt
  • Monitor account mining, reconnaissance activity, and non-monetary transactions
  • Guard against agent social engineering and account takeover 
  • Flag accounts being targeted by fraudsters 30 - 60 day days before an attack

Pearce Matthews

Product Manager @ Pindrop

Pearce Mathews is Product Manager at Pindrop, leading the Protect product line focused on end-to-end contact center fraud detection and cross-channel account risk monitoring. Pearce has a 10+ years experience in product management, security, and telephony. Pearce earned a degree in Mechanicial Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.