Pindrop Webinar - 5 Insights in 15 Minutes: Total Economic Impact of Pindrop


5 Insights in 15 Minutes: Total Economic Impact Study of Pindrop

Discover how cost savings and business benefits can be enabled by Pindrop in this commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting. 

Forrester Consulting interviewed six Pindrop customers to obtain date with respect to costs, benefits, and risks. Their findings were eye-opening, and we cover then in just 15 minutes in this webinar.

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See How Pindrop Can Deliver 171% ROI

According to the Forrester study, a composite organization, representing the cumulative experience of all six customers, realized a Return of Investment (ROI) of 171% over three years while getting payback on its investment in less than 6 months. The organization was able to significantly cut down fraud losses and improve customer experience through average handle time (AHT) reduction. Join us on Thursday, March 10 for the top 5 insights from the study in 15 minutes.

Watch to learn:

  • The challenges faced by these customers before they bought Pindrop
  • How Pindrop solved these problems and created significant value during the process
  • The unique experiences of these customers with Pindrop

Ketuman Sardesai

Director of Market Intelligence, Pindrop

Ketuman leads market intelligence at Pindrop. He has an extensive background in both early stage and late stage startup companies and has a proven record of helping companies achieve sustainable growth and profitability. His career spans across multiple industries including telecommunications, media, technology and consulting. After getting an MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School at Ann Arbor, he has led several high impact initiatives at various companies including new market entry, product launches, M&A and strategic transformation projects.

Mark Horne

Chief Marketing Officer, Pindrop

Mark Horne is the Chief Marketing Officer at Pindrop. He is a holistic marketing executive with a proven career record of driving strategic development and operational execution of transformational, customer-centric initiatives that impact and support organizations’ mission and growth objectives. He has led high-performing organizations across the B2B cloud, software, and technology landscape. He has a comprehensive background in creating and spearheading strategies and programs that drive marketing planning strategy, brand awareness, customer demand, and revenue growth. Mark has a B.S. in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University in Boston, an MBA from Georgia State, and is an Executive Scholar at Kellogg School of Management.