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5 Insights in 15 Minutes: 2023 Authentication Trends

Thursday, February 23 at 1 PM ET

After significant research from 2022 data, our experts have predicted 5 compelling authentication trends looking into 2023 and beyond. Whether you’re considering optimizing customer experience, are concerned with recent deepfake news, or wondering how the rise of voice assistants will affect customer security, this webinar will touch on how consolidated market research shows the top trends to be mindful of as you consider your authentication strategy. 

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In this webinar, you’ll learn about the following trends and the data backing them:

  1. Users want options for convenience
  2. Multifactor is no longer optional
  3. OTP risks cause push to contact center
  4. Authentication must evolve for deepfakes 
  5. Hands-free highlights need to secure voice

Nicole Culver

Director of Product Marketing

Nicole Culver is a product marketing leader with over a decade of marketing experience in industries ranging from transportation to cybersecurity. Having been part of companies at all stages, Nicole is extremely familiar with the unique challenges faced by high-growth organizations and B2B products. As Director of Product Marketing at Pindrop®, Nicole is deep into the landscape of voice fraud, omnichannel voice authentication, and improving the future of identity in communications.