Pindrop Webinar - 5 Insights in 15 Minutes: 2022 Voice Intelligence & Security Report


5 Insights in 15 Minutes: 2022 Voice Intelligence & Security Report

As human beings, one of our fundamental identifiers is our voice. Pindrop’s solution lets people use their voice to quickly and privately connect to, enter, and unlock their world. In today’s context, allowing people to unlock those worlds safely and privately is a challenge.Pindrop’s 2022 Voice Intelligence and Security Report looks at how today’s systems which allow people the right to access have a dual nature and can also block us against our wishes. The report shows how letting the right one in might be more difficult than it used to be.

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Let The Right One In

Watch to learn:

  • How providing a superior customer experience became a competitive advantage
  • Why private information is no longer private
  • The role of organized crime rings on the dark web
  • How fraud rings use fraud target dossier compilation as a tool 
  • Customers’ preferences on authentication methods

Ketuman Sardesai

Director of Market Intelligence, Pindrop

Ketuman leads market intelligence at Pindrop. He has an extensive background in both early stage and late stage startup companies and has a proven record of helping companies achieve sustainable growth and profitability. His career spans across multiple industries including telecommunications, media, technology and consulting. After getting an MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School at Ann Arbor, he has led several high impact initiatives at various companies including new market entry, product launches, M&A and strategic transformation projects.