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2020 Fraud Trends & Predictions

A perfect storm of rapid virtualization, consumer phishing, and economic downturn could prove devastating to businesses globally, join Brian St. John for a look at what trends we are seeing from some of the worlds largest and well-known companies

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  • How fraudsters are attacking call centers
  • The current impacts to fraud in the call center
  • How fraudsters are using COVID to accelerate their positioning
  • What can be done to enhance protection in the call center


Brian St. John

Operations Manager, Pindrop

Brian St. John is the Operations Manager responsible for all fraud aspects of Business Intelligence at Pindrop.  His team helps clients operationalize the Pindrop solution to its full potential.  Brian started his fraud journey by cutting his teeth on skimming fraud in the late 1990's and was on the front lines of the first data breach mass compromises in the mid 2000's for Bank of America. Brian joined American Express in 2008 where he spent the next 10 years leading teams to stop internet commerce and reward-based fraud. After 23 years in the fraud prevention world, Brian knows how fraudsters think and act across many verticals.  He brings those skills to the emerging world of the voice economy to help client operationalize the best possible solution to stop fraud in their world.