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Supercharge Your IVR To Win Customers

While the financial fallout from COVID-19 may have sent the US economy into a pandemic-induced hibernation in 2020, Americans woke this Spring to low interest rates, lower unemployment, new stimulus checks, and widely-accessible vaccinations. This may explain why consumer confidence, borrowing, and spending are also trending up. Meanwhile, gains in the stock market are encouraging many Americans to invest (some for the first time), while others are taking the opportunity to relocate, renovate, or refinance. In short, signs suggest that we are ‘back in business.’

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A Handy Guide for Regional Banks and Credit Unions

Takeaways from the report:

Consumers have lots of options and plenty of new opportunities to save and spend. Why should they choose to bank with you?

This report combines the contact center experiences during 2020 with emerging trends to provide the strategies and tactics your business needs to:  

  • Deliver a personalized call experience in the IVR without a massive budget 
  • Avoid KBAs and OTPs that frustrate customers, without compromising security
  • Act quickly to win customers now, and recognize early returns from your IVR investment  


A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Pindrop, October 2020 asked 259 global fraud detection and prevention decision-makers across security and risk, fraud, IT, contact center support, finance, and business roles to share their thoughts on fraud during COVID.

  • 76% stated that fraudsters are using the IVR for account mining and reconnaissance activities and many stated those numbers are still growing.
  • 66% are seeing new types of fraud in the contact center.
  • 57% say fraudsters are using the IVR for account mining or reconnaissance.
  • 57% say fraud attacks in the call center increased.
  • 53% say the impact of fraud on their bottom line has increased.