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Stopping Fraud at The IVR, The New Front Door

800% increase in call volume since the Pandemic. Is the rise in call volume leading to increased fraud? Discover how a protected IVR leads to decreased fraud.

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Stopping Fraud at the New Front Door

What’s in the report?

Opus Research's latest publication explores how fraudsters are using the IVR as a “rich source of background information.” Enterprises are unknowingly exposing their customers’ data and creating a very attractive tool for fraudsters. Opus will recommend example approaches to mitigate these issues, and what it takes to stop fraudsters attacks across multiple channels.

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  • 3 of the most common IVR vulnerabilities that fraudsters exploit: Information Mining, Account Surveillance, Password Cracking 
  • How fraudsters use multiple channels to perpetrate schemes across the organization 
  • Advantages of account-based fraud prevention
  • How leveraging data from an existing system can boost fraud detection rates