Report: AI for Identity and Security: A Playbook for Financial leaders

Playbook for Financial Leaders

The AI Playbook for Contact Centers

AI is fundamentally reshaping all operations, from customer service chatbots to back-office collaboration systems. Some can find AI to be complex, operationally challenging, and hard to get right. But it does not have to be. In this report, we break down the complexity of the AI ecosystem from an authentication and fraud protection perspective.

This playbook will help you with not just the “why” but also with the “how to” of AI so that you can make it work for your organization

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A Playbook for Financial Leaders

In this report, we unpack:

  • Why AI so important to financial institutions 
  • How and where AI is adding value
  • How banks can use AI for better customer experience
  • How banks can leverage AI to improve call center security
  • The common pitfalls of AI and how to avoid them
  • What is your AI capable of

5 Key Takeaways

1. Better customer experience, cost reduction and improved risk management are key drivers for AI. Banks are looking to leverage AI for revenue growth, customer retention and profitability.

2. AI driven authentication and fraud detection can go a long way to help banks achieve these goals.

3. Getting AI to work is not easy. Avoid these common mistakes such as machine and developer biases, training on limited data, and not fine-tuning models for accuracy. 

4. Get the small things right. Leverage AI to get to know your consumer better (voice, speech, authentication accuracy), to identify suspicious behaviors (calling patterns, reconnaissance, spoofing) and to safeguard your infrastructure. 

5. Bet big on AI. Use AI to strengthen customer interactions, stop fraudsters. External specialist vendors do this far better and know the ropes. They can increase your chances of success with AI.