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2023 Customer Identity Verification & Fraud Reduction

This chapter, sponsored by Pindrop, is from the 2023 US Contact Center Decision Maker's Guide. The strongest security will be present where there is multi-factor authentication around voice biometrics, device authentication, shared information about known fraudsters and customer behavior such as keypress analysis and call patterns. Read this chapter from Contact Babel's Guide to learn how you can secure your contact center.

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US Contact Center Decision-Maker's Guide

What You Will Learn

  • How identity verification can help reduce fraud
  • What one-time passwords cost contact centers
  • The current level of concern across many different contact center sizes
  • How voice biometrics is being leveraged and how it is benefitting contact centers
  • The benefits of call signaling analysis and "phoneprinting"

What we learned from polling contact centers

Respondents were asked to rate the level of concern they had about the possibility of fraud coming from various sources.

88% of respondents from large contact centers stated that they were very or somewhat concerned about external fraud, defined within the survey as the caller pretending to be another person. This shows that customer identity verification is taken very seriously, and that many organizations do not feel that they have an acceptable level of fraud control.