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The 2020 Pindrop Voice Intelligence & Security Report

This report will give you a comprehensive review of fraud in the marketplace today, the future of voice, and how your customer service channels may be impacted.

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2020 Voice Intelligence & Security Report

Download the report to:

  • Examine the consequences from a business and consumer perspective of falling behind on voice security in the conversational economy. 
  • Examine the security risks introduced by voice technologies as well as the impact of poor security to businesses and consumers. 
  • Examine current voice fraud rates across industries and provide an update about the latest voice fraud tactics used by criminals.
  • Provide guidance to businesses looking to improve customer service without sacrificing voice security.
  • Outline the consequences of poor customer service related to voice security for both businesses and consumers.

Did You Know?

Over the last four years, phone channel fraud has increased by 350 percent. Pindrop®️ Labs estimates that 90 voice channel attacks occur every minute in the U.S. In 2019, 1 out of 796 call center calls were fraudulent.