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Case Study

VeriCall®️ Technology for Banks

Learn from the experiences of two top 20 U.S. banks using VeriCall®️ Technology to reduce fraud, improve the customer experience, and reduce operational cost.

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Vericall Technology for Banks

What’s in the case study?

This case study is based on interviews with executives responsible for contact center customer service and fraud prevention in two top 20 U.S. banks (based on asset size) concerning the contact center challenges they faced and the needs that led them to look for a new technology solution. These interactions were intended to uncover insights into the benefits and challenges associated with deploying and using Next Caller’s VeriCall®️ Technology.

Download The Case Study To Learn How Passive ANI Validation Can Help:

  • Remove time-consuming knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions and one-time passwords (OTPs)

  • Lower average handle time to reduces cost and improve operational efficiency

  • Add more self-service options in the IVR 

  • Improve customer experience 

  • Reduce account takeover (ATO) fraud in contact centers and stabilize systems to protect against opportunistic fraudsters

  • Target specific problems to deliver a strong return on investment 

  • Avoid deployment delays with simple and fast API integration