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Case Study

How CACU Achieved 4x ROI Through a Partnership with Pindrop

CACU is on track to save over $400k in call center operational costs

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communityamerica case study with Pindrop

CommunityAmerica Credit Union Case Study

Who is CACU?

CommunityAmerica is a beloved and trusted local credit union, that provides products and services to their extended Kansas City family. Their commitment to this family, to serve them, support them, and protect their finances has made CommunityAmerica an attractive and trusted institution for everyday people in Kansas City.

Learn How CACU's Partnership with Pindrop:

  • Will save them $1 per call
  • Empowered the credit union to predict fraud 60-days in advance
  • Reduced overall call times by 115 seconds
  • Delivered a 4x ROI