Pindrop Webinar - Pindrop® Solutions and Amazon Connect: Better Together


Pindrop® Solutions and Amazon Connect: Better Together

Secure your Amazon Connect contact center with Pindrop® Solutions

Pindrop is a leader in providing contact center fraud detection and authentication solutions. Amazon Connect is one of the leading providers of cloud-based contact center solutions. Together, Pindrop® solutions & Amazon Connect, are powering the seamless transition of contact centers to the cloud to create a secure and consumer focused environment. 

View this session to discover how Pindrop's partnership with Amazon Connect enables enterprises to adopt cost-effective, flexible, and personalized cloud solutions. Learn how this partnership helps reduce customer authentication friction, detect more instances of fraud, and proactively prepare for potential account takeovers.


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  • Challenges faced as the industry moves to the cloud
  • Benefits of using Pindrop® Solutions with Amazon Connect
  • How Pindrop® Solutions integrate with Amazon Connect

Amy L. Reyes R.

Solutions Engineer, Pindrop

Bennett Borofka

Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services