Webinar - Fortify your Business Against Deepfakes


Fortify your Business Against Deepfakes

Deepfakes, capable of mimicking anyone’s voice with remarkable realism, have emerged as a prevailing threat to businesses and consumers. Bad actors can use deepfakes to impersonate real customers, leading to increases in fraud losses, breaches of sensitive customer data, damage to brand reputation and more.

With these attacks on the rise, cutting-edge fraud detection software with security measures like multi-factor authentication and real-time liveness detection is your key to combating the impacts of deepfakes.

Join Elie Khoury and Amit Gupta of Pindrop for an executive fireside chat to discuss how deepfakes are impacting your business and what you can do to safeguard your contact center operations and customers.



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What you’ll learn

The struggle to authenticate inbound callers to the contact center negatively impacts the customer experience due to longer wait times and knowledge-based authentication questions. In this webinar you’ll learn how can businesses better service their customers in the call center while keeping fraud out. Topics include:

  • The top five ways deepfakes are a threat to your business
  • How you can stay ahead of deepfake attacks with Pindrop’s liveness detection
  • How you can create more trust with your customer base



Meet the Speakers:

Elie Khoury, Ph.D

VP, Research Pindrop

Amit Gupta

VP, Product Management, Research & Engineering Pindrop