OnDemand Webinar - Deepfake and Voice Clone Deep Dive with Voicebot.ai


Decoding Deepfake Sentiment: Exploring Consumer Attitudes towards Deepfakes and Voice Clones

Deepfakes are one of the most controversial applications of GenAI technology. While some view it as a harmless tool, others recognize the greater threats. Pindrop and Voicebot.ai surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. consumers to uncover their perception of deepfake and voice clone technology. This collaboration led to an extensive and insightful report, which we’ll break down in this webinar.

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Join leaders from Pindrop and Voicebot.ai to learn: 

  • Consumer sentiment around deepfakes and voice clones
  • Which industries have the highest consumer concern around deepfake risks
  • How pop culture plays a role in AI technology sentiment
  • Strategies to combat the threat of deepfakes and voice clones



Meet the Speakers

Amit Gupta

VP, Product Management, Research & Engineering


Bret Kinsella

Founder, Editor, CEO & Research Director